Manage impact and understand climate risks of your infrastructure, anywhere


Explore physical
climate risks globally

VIDA makes the evaluation of climate risks for infrastructure simple. Start by just dropping a pin on any location and immediately see the local physical climate risks all the way through to 2080. Dive deeper into risks that are of specific relevance to your location, asset class or investment thesis. If your initial assessment is positive, you can seamlessly progress towards a more comprehensive due diligence of an investment opportunity.


Data-based decision making is teamwork

When you start collaborating with your stakeholders your data comes to life: it becomes granular, reliable and remains up to date. Conduct risk assessments of your projects and compare them across your portfolio and against global benchmarks. You are always in full control of your data, access rights and privacy.


Keep track of your infrastructure portfolio

Use VIDA to elevate your portfolio management. Continuously blend your internal data with external geospatial and risk layers. Effortlessly toggle between dashboard and map views to manage portfolio-wide risk and performance. Or zoom into specific assets to see them in detail.


Engage stakeholders, visualize data, share success

Impact and ESG reporting is dynamic. Elevate your reporting from reactive compliance to comprehensive control. Customize your dashboard to suit your needs. Craft compliant, automated reports spanning SFDR, UNPRI, SDGs, and more. Download detailed reports and invite stakeholders to your dashboard for real-time impact insights from your assets.

Impact management, made easy. VIDA is used to channel and manage billions of dollars of impactful investments across the world.


asset locations


investment monitored


active countries

Bring your data to life. Experience the power of seeing your asset data on a map, interacting with it in an easy and collaborative manner and drawing on contextual insights. With VIDA, you can comprehensively manage your impact.


Pinpoint your portfolio locations on a map and add geospatial data layers to learn about your existing or prospective investments.


Have your team add notes, fotos, PDFs or designs to each asset location. Engage your stakeholders directly, you want more information


Ask your stakeholders to regularly add impact data.


Access your VIDA dashboard and instantly download or share compliant reports (ESG, SFDR, etc.).

User Stories

From infrastructure funds to banks, multinationals and even governments, VIDA helps direct and manage impactful investments across the world.

Risk management

Mitigating physical climate risk of global infrastructure investments

Impact management

Analyzing impact and climate risk of infrastructure investments for a bank

Impact management

Automating ESG reporting and assessing climate risk for an infrastructure fund

Risk management

Turning the lights on in African hospitals

Risk management

Rebuilding storm-hit Mozambique schools

Risk management

Electrification of large cities in Africa

Impact management

Accelerating SDG investments in Democratic Republic of Congo

News & updates

VIDA @ New York Times Square!

After having listed VIDA as one of the 100 most impactful start-ups in 2022, Swedish VC Norrsken has put up our name on the #Nasdaq building on #NY Times Square!

VIDA Co-founder Tobias named one of Business Insider's Top 30.

Business Insider's climate action 30 highlights 30 global leaders working toward climate solutions. This year our co-founder Tobias is on the list.

We have been nominated for The Earthshot Prize!

We're so honored to be recognized for our mission to make VIDA the global standard for transparent, #data-based #impact management for #sustainability.🤞

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