With VIDA’s map-based software, you can assess the location risks of your infrastructure anywhere

Risk data

Access 50+ data layers

Through VIDA, access more than 50 global data-layers to quickly assess location risks for your infrastructure, be it a wind or solar farm, a power grid, a data centre, a mini-grid, transportation and health sites, warehousing and cooling facilities, and more.

Due diligence

Assess location risks globally

VIDA makes the evaluation of climate, ESG, demand and accessibility risks for infrastructure simple. Start by selecting a location and immediately see key information. Dive deeper into risks that are of specific relevance to your location, asset class or investment thesis. If your initial assessment is positive, you can seamlessly progress towards a more comprehensive due diligence of an investment opportunity.


Data-based decision making is teamwork

Share projects with your team and external partners. Invite them to comment, add notes, reports, supporting documents, photos and more for an in-depth risk due diligence. Control access to information and collaboration rights. Ensure that your data remains up to date.


Share the results of your due diligence

Create, download and share PDF and CSV reports for each of your sites and for your entire portfolio to support investment decisions and reporting.

Contextual risk assessment made easy.
VIDA is already used by standard-setting customers to assess hundreds of thousands of sites.


asset Locations


active countries


Bring location risk data to life. Experience the power of seeing your assets and portfolios on a map, interacting with our comprehensive global data, and collaborating with your stakeholders in the VIDA software.

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